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Rick DeChantal

Ryan Stephens

MCT, Los Angeles Times, USA Today
MCT, USA TODAY & the Los Angeles Times—Your complete news source  

Los Angeles Times and USA TODAY content now live on MCT

MCT has become the exclusive provider of national, world, entertainment, business, sports, lifestyle, food and travel stories and images from the Los Angeles Times and USA TODAY. The content now moves through MCT daily.

Access the entire MCT Service at www.mct-international.com. Request a trial for the service by contacting Ryan Stephens at +1-312-222-8682 or rstephens@tribune.com.

Here's a selection of what we've recently moved:

International stories and budgets

> (U.S./Canada stories and budgets also available)

Get complete coverage of the trafficking of Haitian children since the devastating January earthquake. More than 7,300 boys and girls have been smuggled out of their homeland to the Dominican Republic by traffickers profiting on the hunger and desperation of Haitian children and their families.

In a three-part series, The Miami Herald and Nuevo Herald examine child smuggling between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, how the earthquake has made it worse, and what's being done to stem the crisis. Companion photos are available.

Children smuggled from Haiti to Dominican forced to fend for themselves

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Children often abandoned on smuggling routes, human rights workers say
-Read full story

Children become human collateral in smuggling trade
-Read full story

Child smuggling runs rampant along Haiti-Dominican border
-Read full story

Trafficking of Haitian children on rise since earthquake
-Read full story



U.S. Network

MCT's National Reach
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International FAQ

> (U.S./Canada FAQ also available)

Q. What percentage of the content from the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service (LATWP) is incorporated into the new MCT service?
A. More than half of the former LATWP service (Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun and Hartford Courant content) now moves through MCT.

Q. What type of entertainment coverage does the Los Angeles Times and USA TODAY contribute?
A. Both papers provide firsthand reporting–spot news, features, interviews, previews and reviews–on film, television, music, books and celebrities. The Los Angeles Times is Hollywood’s hometown newspaper, and USA TODAY also has strong entertainment coverage.

Q. What is MCT’s photo coverage with the Los Angeles Times and USA TODAY?
A. Each week, approximately 180 photos from the Los Angeles Times and USA TODAY move. They feature entertainment and celebrities, sports, U.S. news, lifestyle, business and food.

Q. Has your world coverage increased?
A. Our world news coverage has more than doubled with reports from MCT's 25 foreign bureaus in 17 cities that include: Baghdad, Beijing, Beirut, Berlin, Cairo, Caracas, Islamabad, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, London, Mexico City, Moscow, Nairobi, New Delhi, Seoul and Tokyo.

Q. What has been the impact on the Washington coverage you offer?
A. MCT's Washington coverage is for readers outside the Beltway, across the United States and around the world. Our Tribune and McClatchy bureaus (including more than 20 Tribune bureau reporters and 25 McClatchy bureau reporters), along with the Washington correspondents of The Dallas Morning News, the Detroit Free Press, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Star Tribune (Minneapolis), Newsday, The Orange County Register, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the San Jose Mercury News and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, deliver unparalleled coverage of the top news of the day from the White House to Capitol Hill.

Q. How has your U.S. coverage been impacted?
A. Because MCT has a nationwide network of contributors, it provides comprehensive sports coverage, including virtually all teams in the major professional leagues. Our national network includes: news organizations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City, Miami, Orlando, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Jose, Seattle and many more cities, plus bureaus in Atlanta, Denver and Las Vegas.

Q. How is the new content delivered?
A. If you are a current MCT customer, delivery will be through your normal channel and format. If you are a former LATWP customer, the content will be set up to be delivered through a single channel and in the format you desire.

Q. Whom do I contact with questions about trying or subscribing to the new service?
A. Contact your MCT representative at +1-312-222-8682 (outside the United States).